Valerie Martinez

Mom & Blogger

In addition to Nicholas (12), I am the mother of Macy (7) and Luke (3). I do not consider myself a single mother as both Nicholas’ father and Macy & Luke’s Father actively participate in their children’s lives. You read that correctly, there are two different baby daddies.

Never would I have thought or chosen to be going through divorce number two, but here I am rockin’ it. Then again never would I have thought or chosen to be the parent of a severely autistic child.

I have chosen to be happy and enjoy life in-spite of Nicholas’ disabilities. Sometimes we need to laugh at life and our stories together because really what else are we going to do?

There is no medical degree behind my name when it comes to Autism. I am simply a Mom who can acknowledge that while I have not done everything perfect for my son – I have tried.

You could say I am from a little mix of everywhere: East Coast, West Coast and was lucky to live in Hawaii for the majority of my pre-teen and teenage years. California became my home when I moved here to attend Bible College back in the 90’s (ouch!). I spent five years in college and successfully avoided the 3 public speaking classes that kept me from a degree in Pastoral Ministries.

After deciding to call it quits on college, I took up a career in the Hospitality Industry. 20 years spent selling, managing and directing taught me to metabolize high amounts of stress. I’m not sure how many weddings I have coordinated, but it MUST be in the thousands.

I have done my best to work with and learn from people and cultures from all over the world. Now I feel is my time to share and raise awareness for a culture that most people may feel uncomfortable talking about: the culture and life of Severe Autism.