Do you want to hear him talk?

Here it is:


Pulling Moms Hair – April 2021

So there you have it. It may have cost me a clump of hair, but he CAN say it.


I forgot to mention that he also says “Momma” when he is mad. Hurt or mad.

What caused this outburst? It was time to go to school and he wanted to swim instead. Obviously he didn’t want to put on his shoes – He HATES when he doesn’t get his way!!


What if Nicholas attacks me or someone else like this in public? What if a nice person tries to intervene and HURTS Nicholas?

I would be crushed, but I think I would have some level of understanding because there is no awareness for THIS. Nicholas is too handsome to have anything wrong with him. Looking at him, you would never imagine his face to be THE FACE OF AUTISM.

Overcoming the odds makes for a great story plot, but it is not the ending to EVERY STORY OF AUTISM.

By no means have I given up on Nicholas. He will eventually cycle through this behavior like he has so many other ugly behaviors in the past.

I am so thankful that schools are taking kids back on campus! This was his first week back in over a year and he has gotten great reports from his teacher so far. Once we got to school, he was happy to be there and got out of the car just fine…., he just wasn’t ready for his shoes….

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