Pillow Crumbs

Pillow Crumbs?

Not sure what to call them, but I have cleaned up more than my share.

Nicholas seeks out sensory input ALL THE TIME. When he was little he would run from wall to wall as hard as he could holding out his hands to catch the “input” of the wall on his hands and body.

He LOVES to tear things up and when it comes to pillows, he really has fun with it.

Good Morning Nicholas – April 2020

It’s not just pillows, he loves to explore the insides of blankets, stuffed animals, mattresses.

We go through a lot of STUFF – OR SHOULD I SAY STUFFING!

One of his nicknames is PUPPY or PUP. He is MY BIG LITTLE PUP. I don’t remember the details of where that Nickname came from or exactly where it started, but it must have been after a morning like this.

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