The Value of Gifts

Nicholas and Luke / Chronologically they are 8 years, 11 months apart

I imagine Neurotypical 12 year old boys as being easy to buy for at Christmas, Birthdays and other special occasions. I’m not suggesting it would be easy to find an “educational” gift that would keep their interest while enlightening them about Algebra, but if you had the money, it would be easy to put a smile on their face.

Wouldn’t any new “device”/game, piece of sporting equipment, gift card or CASH make MOST 12 year olds smile?

Nicholas would find ZERO VALUE or interest in any of those things.

The gifts that would easily make me or his siblings smile – would be tossed to the ground by Nicholas in judgment immediately after opening. He wouldn’t toss out of anger, but out of disappointment.

He doesn’t understand the VALUE of expensive vs. inexpensive items. Last week he ripped up a $1 bill into tiny pieces. He loves finding and ripping up paper and since currency holds NO VALUE to him – he decided to make confetti out of it.

2 years ago on Easter, Nicholas was the finder of the ELUSIVE GOLDEN EGG. What did he do? He pulled the $10 bill out, tossed it on the ground and went on looking for more important eggs – EGGS FILLED WITH CANDY.

This year the Easter Bunny brought Nicholas a new toy. It put a smile on his face and didn’t cost a ton of money (I’m guessing – how would I know what the Easter Bunny paid). While I’m sure the Easter Bunny and Santa would spend more money to make Nicholas smile – there is no need to.

You can be hit or miss with gifts for him and he will let you know, but it will never be about the money spent or cost of the item. Sometimes, FOR HIM it is only about the music.

Here are 2 videos, one of Nicholas enjoying his new toy for the 1st time and then one of Luke enjoying the same new toy for the 1st time.

Nicholas playing with a new toy from the Easter Bunny – 12 years old

When Nicholas was 3 years old, he did not comprehend many words. He is now understanding so much more than he ever did.

When I asked him in the video to turn the toy around and then to put the Popcorn down – he understood and was able to follow the verbal direction! At 3 years old, he would NOT have been able to do that.


Luke playing with Nicholas’ new toy from the Easter Bunny – 3 years old.

For me, it is easy to see them BOTH AS MY BABIES.




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