My Big Little Guy

There are a lot of misconceptions about Autism. Mainly because the disorder itself varies so widely. By it’s very definition, it is a spectrum disorder.

While some may have a sprinkle of Autism that affects their life, others are overcome by Autism to the point they cannot take care of themselves independently. Often times they are unable to speak or communicate appropriately which leads to tantrums and fits of rage.

Severely Autistic people do not typically enjoy being comforted by touch or a loved one sitting close to them like most “NT or Neurotypical” people do. The abbreviation NT or Term Neurotypical here is meant to be synonymous with those who live OFF the Spectrum.

One of the main characteristics of Autism is a lack of empathy. Meaning people wth Autism experience life unable to see things from anyone else’s point of view. They cannot feel or understand your pain whether it be physical or emotional pain. Seeing someone beaten and battered with bruises or a loved one balling their eyes out with tears streaming down their face will not mean anything to someone with severe Autism. There is NO empathy.

This site is dedicated to my son, Nicholas who is now 12 years old. Our stories are being shared in the hopes of raising awareness for Severe Autism in Teenagers and Adults. While most of our stories will show Nicholas’ lack of empathy towards others, I find now that he is getting older….., the roles are reversing and there are too many Neurotypical people who are unable to show empathy towards my son and our circumstances in life.

Nicholas in Hawaii – March 2021

Behaviors that were understandable and easily acceptable in public when he was 3 years old – are no longer acceptable or appreciated by Neurotypical people. He never advanced beyond 3-4 years old in his mind. My little guy is trapped in a big body that doesn’t work for him. While he physically grows and appears normal, if you spend a few moments with him you will know, Nicholas is different, he is special.


Interpretations and reactions are made in split seconds. If you heard Nicholas screaming while simultaneously watching him pull my hair and head butt me – what would you do? If you have a weapon on you, you may use it to help control the situation and understandably so. However, if you recognize him biting on his arm in between screams, a weak overall posture and that his noises are not what you are used to hearing, you may be able to interpret the situation and react differently.

April is Autism Awareness month, posts will be made daily in the month of April. Many of our stories will show how smart Nicholas is. He is always amazing me with what he CAN DO, especially what he does remember and how he communicates.

I hope you enjoy the stories of MY BIG LITTLE GUY